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Ventoux Bikes Trip

Ventoux Bikes Trip - VENTOUX BIKES TRIP

Fond of biking since childhood, Farid Bourebrab founded “ProVTT / Route” in 1993 in the Mont-Blanc region. Nowadays based in Monieux in Provence, he is to be found under the name “Ventoux Bikes Trip”. After a great professional career in X-country and Downhill biking, he’s now a mountain bike and road cycling guide and instructor. Holding the needed diplomae to teach and train both cycling and biking, he’s willing to share his knowledge and technique along with his passion for these sports with you.

Ventoux Bikes Trip is noted for the quality of the trips suggested on the roads as well as in the mountains.

For children and adults, for beginners and experienced riders, for schools and seminars, for trainings and treks, numerous groups relied on him because he’s at your disposal to organize your stay.

Bike allows you to go for a ride where the mood takes you around amazing landscapes running the less risks possible.

Recently, e-bikes can be used, so that everybody would enjoy discovering beautiful places on the small roads of the region.


Naturally calm and generous, Farid will put you at ease and give you confidence during your trip. Farid grew up in the beautiful landscapes of Vaucluse, which he’ll make you appreciate on the country roads.

You can also find him during the winter at the Ecole du Ski Français of Les Contamines-Montjoie where he’s a national skiing instructor.

Independent worker.


- BEES Cycling

- BEES Mountain Bike

- BEES Alpine Skiing

- BE Physical Education

Member of Moniteurs Cyclistes Français (MCF) N°31

Member of the skiing instructors ESF

DDCS Vaucluse, Ventoux Bikes Trip structure (N° 08413ET037)

DDCS Vaucluse, professional card (N° 08406ED0053)

Siret N° 33805443000024

RC Pro: MMA 113 903 072

APE: 926 C

Prefectoral authorization for free circulation in the Vaucluse uplands.